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Freestyle Hip-Hop at its best

Another one of those WKCR gems. Insight (MC, producer, beatmaker) spittin’ freestyle over the head-nod Hip-Hop beats of Damu the Fundgemunk on the MPC, live on WKCR’s underground Hip-Hop show. This is what Hip-Hop should look like. We found this … Continue reading

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The BOOM BAP FM Launch Session Video

I’ve probably seen this video 20 times now, but I just don’t get tired of it. The finest in Cairns Hip-Hop in one spot – Mc Rydakule, Definite Article & Diggis. Also supporting Brisbane Mc Preech. My favourite flow of … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop without strong language?

Naaaaa, Hip-Hop needs to be raw and ruff! I reckon I wouldn’t like Hip-Hop if it wasn’t for it’s ruff language. And I’m not talking about the wannabe, wack, doo-doo shit that’s going on in commercial Hip-Hop nowadays. I’m talking … Continue reading

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How important are lyrics in hip-hop music?

I guess the the answer to this question will depend on who you ask. An MC will probably tell you it’s the lyrics that make a song a good song, while a hip-hop DJ will most likely say it’s the … Continue reading

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