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Sample Cypher – beatmaking comp

Apollo Grimez, Develop and Jimmy Flipshyt are the architects of the sound of the Beat Basement. To showcase their skill we have created a monthly beatmaking competition. In every round of the competition the producers are challenged with the same … Continue reading

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I am J. DePina, beat maker, producer…

Until a few day ago I hadn’t heard of J. DePina, then I cam across this clip and did some research. For me J. DePina’s beats have everything I look for in a hip-hop beat. If you haven’t heard of … Continue reading

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How to clean dirty vinyl records? Record Reverginizer!

This is something you will love if you’re into hip hop, beat digging, sampling beatmaking and so forth… or if you own heaps of old dirty records. There’s a new product out there called Record Revirginizer. Sound like someone trying … Continue reading

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Beat Diggin' – the roots of Hip-Hop music

Beat digging is the art of searching for samples in order to refurbish them and turn them into something new. This documentary shows what beat digging is all about and how over the years it has become an industry in … Continue reading

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