Interview: Context & Jimmy Flipshyt

August 21st, 2013

Dane One at the The.Borough shot and edited this little interview with Canberra Rapper Context and producer Jimmy Flipshyt. The clip also contains some live footage from the launch of the Shadows EP in Canberra.

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BIG DOG – the first track of THE SHADOWS EP is up for donwload

April 5th, 2013

With the release of the THE SHADOWS EP in arms-reach Context & Jimmy Flipshyt have released one of the tracks on the EP as a free download through Triple J Unearthed.

“Big Dog” is dedicated to all those of take themselves a little bit too serious. The track also features Anton, finishes off the track and leaves no doubt that big dogs are not welcome in out circles.

Listen to the track here, download it, and leave us a comment and a rating if you like it.

With this opportunity we are also giving you a first glimpse of the artwork that Nate Trapnell (Southpaw) created for us.

Stay tuned for THE SHADOWS, an ACT-Cairns collaboration, dropping very soon on Beat Basement Records.

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Sample Cypher – beatmaking comp

March 19th, 2013

Sample Cypher Beatmaking Comp

Apollo Grimez, Develop and Jimmy Flipshyt are the architects of the sound of the Beat Basement. To showcase their skill we have created a monthly beatmaking competition. In every round of the competition the producers are challenged with the same sample.

Find out how each of them interprets the sample and use the same base to create different beats. Check them out and vote for your favourite of each round.

SAMPLE CYPHER beatmaking competition

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Hip Hop and Sampling in 1988

November 15th, 2012

A short documentary about sampling from the olden days. You’ll probably recognise some faces in there. De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Beastie Boys…

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Ponch the Dutch + Jimmy Flipshyt join Beat Basement Records

October 17th, 2012

Beat Basement Records just got a little grimier with the announcement of Ponch the Dutch + Jimmy Flipshyt joining the Cairns based label.

Dex Mo, Ponch the Dutch, Ricky Shamroxx, Jimmy Flipshyt

As close associates to the Beat Basement Crew, collaborations between the two parties was always immanent, though the prospect of bringing Ponch & Jimmy further into the fold has proved to good an opportunity to pass up.

“These guys have been as close as crew for a while, and we really like the way their styles contrast though gels to a real headbanger sound at the same time. We stand for the same things, It makes sense to roll as one army” said label head and Basement Grits Deejay/Beatmaker  Dex Mo the B-side Junkie.

As advocates for the sound Ponch & Jimmy bring, Beat Basement Records have taken on the promotional side of their recently released Digital A/B, whilst the dynamic duo work on their next project which promises to be a high calibre E.P

“We’re taking our time to do it nice. Working with Flipshyt is the only option I consider right now. I feel our sound, but at the same time we’re running with a crew of dudes that tick the boxes and feel the same way about things as we do” Said Ponch the Dutch.

Ponch the Dutch + Jimmy Flipshyt’s Digital A/B is available now at:

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There’s a Situation on the Homefront

January 20th, 2012

There’s a Situation A Situation on the Homefront is the debut album of Tha Grimm Teachaz out of Chicago. The album dropped in 2011.

We played a track from this album on REPRESENT Show hip hop show last night and got a few people asking about it. So, here’s a rundown on why you should consider yourself lucky that you heard a track off this joint.

When you listen to the album you kinda feel like it sounds doper, just that little bit fatter and rawer than anything you’ve heard recently – just really 90′s-boom-bap-ish. No surprises there, in fact, this record was produced in 1993. The group consisting of PMDF (Prince Midnight Dark Force) KDz (Kenny Dennis) and DJ Koufie created the record to be released on Jive. But the record company soon dropped the Teachaz in favour of Fu-Schnickens and Shaq-Fu. The album disappeared (Ninja-style).

Now, almost 20 years later, the album re-appeared (Josef Fritzl-style), after Kenny’s brother found an intact copy in the basement. After a re-master it has made it’s way onto Bandcamp and Amazon and has since dramatically shortened the lifespan of repeat-buttons across the planet.

So, before you go buy this, get yourself in the mood with some visual media, generously provided by Youtube.

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The Baroness – Class A and Aoi in full effect

January 19th, 2012

Being voted best female MC in 2008 and 2009 Class A has had a fair bit of exposure in the Australian hip hop scene over the last couple of years. With her new record “The Baroness”, for which she teamed up with Melbourne beatmaker and producer Aoi, she has undoubtedly reached a new peak in her career as a hip hop artist.

There is something refreshing about Class A’s development as an MC. In most most cases hip hop artist develop a more and more commercial style over the course of their career, Class A, however, seems to have gone the other way.

Aoi, the man behind the beats of “The Baroness”, has given this record that real raw, underground 90s sound that Class A successfully completes with her raps.

Ricky Shamroxx interviewed Class A and Aoi earlier this week for the REPRESENT Show. The interview will go to air on tonight’s show and will afterwards be available on

If you’re into that raw type of hip hop, you will want this record. You can grab it at

Also check this:

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Monkie, Dutch Beatboxing Champion 2011

December 20th, 2011

A Dutch lad who called himself Monkie Bonky Beatbox hit the stage at REPRESENT FNQ almost two years ago as part of the open mic session, and smashed it. He has recently won the Duch Beatboxing Championship. The good news is, he has indicated that he will be heading to Australia again in 2012. If that happens, we will do what it takes to get him on a stage.

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October 25th, 2011

PHAT FRIDAY Hip Hop SessionsThe end of the month is close and Cairns’ only regular Hip Hop event is going to dish up something a bit ouf the ordenary this month.

Check the PHAT FRIDAY event details.

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Hip Hop Block Party at Shenannigans, Cairns

October 17th, 2011

BASEMENT GRITS competing for Xzibit support slot, Cairns

Be there, when some of Cairns’ best Hip Hop acts, including Basement Grits and Solemn Prophets, battle for a support slot for Xzibit’s Cairns show.

Click Cairns Hip Hop Events details for more.

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