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Hammer in Australia! But WHY?

No Shit, Mc Hammer is in Australia. Most real Hip-Hop heads would probably say Hammer is wack. But he did have his place in the early days of Hip-Hop and whether you like it or not, he has probably contributed … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop without strong language?

Naaaaa, Hip-Hop needs to be raw and ruff! I reckon I wouldn’t like Hip-Hop if it wasn’t for it’s ruff language. And I’m not talking about the wannabe, wack, doo-doo shit that’s going on in commercial Hip-Hop nowadays. I’m talking … Continue reading

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Beat Diggin' – the roots of Hip-Hop music

Beat digging is the art of searching for samples in order to refurbish them and turn them into something new. This documentary shows what beat digging is all about and how over the years it has become an industry in … Continue reading

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Grand Wizard Theodore – the man who redefined hip-hop music

One night, young Grand Wizard Theodore (in every day life know as Theodore Livingston) was practicing mixing in his bedroom. But he was playing the music a bit too loud. So, his mother opened the door to his bedroom and … Continue reading

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