It’s Official. Ponch the Dutch & Jimmy Flipshyt are going to HELL…

December 20th, 2015

yo yo it’s your boy Ponch here. if your heading down to your local holy house today, please light a candle and throw a tenner in the pot for the homeboy flipshyt and myself.
See a while back, one of our local arts connects Rick B asked us if we wanted to get involved in a mass collaborative project involving tons of c-town peeps. Rick B flicked us a few images of his works and asked us to make a track based on it…the rest is pure blasphemy..well not really…
depending what you take out of the art..i guess…BUT it is FUN to be ME! and I enjoyed making this track, even if it means potential eternal fire and demon rape.. check it below…

The man in black – PONCH


Art is Hell 12278277_10206949381387568_2129589492_n-2 12270530_10206949380587548_1222952918_n-2

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