The Base’MINT’ Grits Project.. a handful of snaps ..

November 15th, 2013

When it comes to our local scene, we always look to do something different. A couple of months back whilst planning our monthly phat friday event, we came up with the idea to panel up 21 white Basement Grits LP’s and ring in one of our local graft connects to get busy on it. Of course it made it EXTRA special when our compadre MINT put his hand up and started shaking cans before we even locked it in official.
It’s another Phat Friday, LP’s are up and MINT’s tappin’ the caps. Myself & Dex Mo are dropping needles and there’s a ton of peeps in the place. Hip Hop Joes, Average Joes, the works.

Develop & Apollo Grimez even break out the MP’s and for a couple of hours so Dex & I soak up the vibes, which, we rarely get to do at the same time as one of us is pumping BOOM BAP through the tables and into YA cranium NAH’M SAYIN’!

Ricky Grits

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