Fluent. Cursed by a Merch Table.

November 16th, 2013

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoa Yoaaahhh

Back in Aug 13 my boy Dex hits me about the Basement getting involved with a Cairns Festival esplanade event. I had a massive plate of ‘everyday bullznit’ to chow down at the time PLUS the only material I had ready to go was Gritty Committee tracks (in all honesty I don’t think Napalm’n half the state with the heat was in the ‘spirit’ of the festival)so I passed the buck on the logistics …

Nonetheless, I committed to Maning a Beat Basement merch table while the B-side took on the pretty much everything else. I actually got pretty enthusiastic bout the whole thang. I had Visions of WW2 style gun pits.. with me, under fire, pumping Diggis, Context & Jimmy CD’s and the newly (the night before) MINT graf’d LP’s into the face of every tom dick and harry that stepped to the Nahd that day…*

Anyways. Come game time, I was sat like nancy from the CWA on a rickety table, stage left of a set up that was SO pro large it would’ve given Mick Jagger wood.

Booming sound. Dedicated Sound People. Sturdy large stage.

God damn, with more planning, we  could have shot some amazing footage here, especially as all the artists brought in BIG…but..hmmm

All good. I sold some CD’s for my crew. I even got to do some quick RUN & GUN footage whilst the homey J-Point was representing (courtesy of Context who sat/guarded the merch table). I wish I had more.

But heres a quick glance. At the FLUENT gig. On the Esplanade. In Cairns.


* Financial gain / $ has never been and will never be an imperative of BBR.



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