There’s a Situation on the Homefront

January 20th, 2012

There’s a Situation A Situation on the Homefront is the debut album of Tha Grimm Teachaz out of Chicago. The album dropped in 2011.

We played a track from this album on REPRESENT Show hip hop show last night and got a few people asking about it. So, here’s a rundown on why you should consider yourself lucky that you heard a track off this joint.

When you listen to the album you kinda feel like it sounds doper, just that little bit fatter and rawer than anything you’ve heard recently – just really 90′s-boom-bap-ish. No surprises there, in fact, this record was produced in 1993. The group consisting of PMDF (Prince Midnight Dark Force) KDz (Kenny Dennis) and DJ Koufie created the record to be released on Jive. But the record company soon dropped the Teachaz in favour of Fu-Schnickens and Shaq-Fu. The album disappeared (Ninja-style).

Now, almost 20 years later, the album re-appeared (Josef Fritzl-style), after Kenny’s brother found an intact copy in the basement. After a re-master it has made it’s way onto Bandcamp and Amazon and has since dramatically shortened the lifespan of repeat-buttons across the planet.

So, before you go buy this, get yourself in the mood with some visual media, generously provided by Youtube.

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