The Baroness – Class A and Aoi in full effect

January 19th, 2012

Being voted best female MC in 2008 and 2009 Class A has had a fair bit of exposure in the Australian hip hop scene over the last couple of years. With her new record “The Baroness”, for which she teamed up with Melbourne beatmaker and producer Aoi, she has undoubtedly reached a new peak in her career as a hip hop artist.

There is something refreshing about Class A’s development as an MC. In most most cases hip hop artist develop a more and more commercial style over the course of their career, Class A, however, seems to have gone the other way.

Aoi, the man behind the beats of “The Baroness”, has given this record that real raw, underground 90s sound that Class A successfully completes with her raps.

Ricky Shamroxx interviewed Class A and Aoi earlier this week for the REPRESENT Show. The interview will go to air on tonight’s show and will afterwards be available on

If you’re into that raw type of hip hop, you will want this record. You can grab it at

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