House Party, a hip hop classic

March 10th, 2011

If you’re not new to hip hop you probably know this movie. House Party came you in 1990 and the story is quite simple; two dudes (hip hop duo Kid’n’Play) are trying to organise a party. One of must see bits in this flick is the battle between MCs Kid and Play, which is the reason for this post (see above).

The film is also starring an early Martin Lawrence in the role Bilal, the the DJ with the smelly breath.

Another appearance in House Party is Goerge Clinton, principal architect of the P-Funk and the head on the shoulders of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic. If there is any other thing that George Clinton is famous for, other than his music, it would have to be his hair. Having said that you should have no problems identifying him in the movie.

After watching this movie I’ve always wanted to go to party where the crowd goes crazy like that. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still hopeful…

AND THEN, there was House Party 2. Not half as funny or as original as the first one, but it had this white dude in it who’s called Jamal, has dreadlocks (NOTE: white people with dreadlocks weren’t as common then as they are today) and loves big booties. The actor who played Jamal is actually an MC (Kamron) of the mid 90s hip hop group Young Black Teenagers. Just like the first one the whole movie revolves around Kid’n Play again, but white bwoy Kamron is the most hip-hop in this film.

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