How to clean dirty vinyl records? Record Reverginizer!

January 4th, 2011

Record Revirginizer - cleans your vinyl recordsThis is something you will love if you’re into hip hop, beat digging, sampling beatmaking and so forth… or if you own heaps of old dirty records.

There’s a new product out there called Record Revirginizer. Sound like someone trying to pull some money out of your pocket but we’ve tested it and this stuff does it. Check out the difference on this Beach Boys sample:



The way it works is simple. You spread the gel-type liquid on your vinyl record and let it sit there for several hours, so the gue can sink to the bottom of the grooves. The gel will go hard and form a rubber like layer on the record. After that has happened you can peal off the layer, along with dust, grease and whatever else lived down there in those grooves. You don’t necessaryly have to use it on the whole record. If you are sampling for instance you can just use it on the part of the record that you are going to record.

We tested this on REPRESENT – real hip hop, our weekly hip hop radio show last week. Listen to the before and after sample and you will know what it does.

The Record Revirginizer has been reviewed by several magazines, including Tone Audio Magazine, with the best possible feedback. Check it out, you will never use anything else to clean your vinyl records.

If you need more information, a list of retailers or to order online check this:

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