Hip Hop Karaoke

January 17th, 2011

Might sound like a bad idea because speaking of karaoke you probbaly just remembered your boss doing Madonna’s Like A Virgin at last years christmas party, BUT… with the right people on stage hip-hop karaoke can be rather entertaining and even slighly awesome. I seems that there are quite a few regular hip-hop karaoke events accross the globe. As far as I know it all started in New York (where else?) and then kinda “franchised” out to the rest of the world. Here are two examples that made me wanna go to one of those,… if they had them in Cairns that is.

This is a dude called Amber MC doing Pharcyde’s Passing Me By…

…and this is a chick called Elisabeth doing Flava In Ya Ear Remix at the Hip Hop Karaoke Championships

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