Cop drops rhyme after Real Talk Battle in Brisbane

November 8th, 2010

By now most hip hop heads in Australia will have seen this, and will probably have an oppinion about it.

After a Real Talk battle in Brisbane a few MCs gathered in from of the club and started spitting battle lines at each other, and then at the cops who arrived at the scene… until one of the cops turns around and drops something alomg the lines of “you’re all homos and watch gay porn in slowmo”.

I won’t even open the discussion about whether police should be forgiven for the politically incorrect statement, which seems to be a hughe issue since the event.

But I do want to point out that, before the cop said his line no one gave a shit that police were even there. Afterwards however, everyone shut their face when hip hop cop asked for attention. I reckon, respect is due for the rap copper, not because of the words he chose but just for the fact that he made an effort to speak the language of the people he was talking to.

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One Response to Cop drops rhyme after Real Talk Battle in Brisbane

  1. stunka says:

    wish every cop was as mad as this fella

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