Buckshot Shamroxx & Dex Mo in Townsville on 31st July

July 4th, 2010

BUCKSHOT Hip-Hop Event TownsvilleTownsville is going to get hit by Cairns’ finest Hip Hop dj set. Shamroxx and Dex Mo’, the minds behind the REPRESENT – real hip-hop show on Goonbag.com,  will bring that raw boom bap shit to Townsville on the 31st of July.

Sham and Dex will be digging deep for this one. A blend of dope instrumentals and some of the illest tracks ever made will rock your head till your neck snaps. Local support by Townsville DJ Soffmaw. Check it out…

If you are coming rsvp here.

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Group: dope beats

2 Responses to Buckshot Shamroxx & Dex Mo in Townsville on 31st July

  1. what says:

    i miss boom bap fuck goonbag

  2. alexandra says:

    hey guys,
    do you have any myspace, facebook or anything?
    i wanna contact marvin who was your organizer on the 31.july in townsville.

    cant wait to hear from you.
    take it easy, alex

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