Mindblowing Graffiti to your head

June 29th, 2010

DIAM is a graffiti artist from Germany who has been around for more than 20 years now. He has perfected a 3D writing style that gives his images this mad perspective depth. Been following his graffiti projects for a few years now and pretty much everything this guy produces is outstanding. If you like the samples below check out his website www.daimgallery.com.

DIAM Graffiti

DIAM Graffiti

DIAM Graffiti

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One Response to Mindblowing Graffiti to your head

  1. laura says:

    hey just wondering if you are based in cairns? if so i have some work i would love done by you on my van, im thinking a mario styled theme if thats something you would be interested in. you can contact me throug email. would love to hear back from you.

    thanks heaps, Laura

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