Drapht gig at the Heritage nightclub cairns

June 16th, 2010

It was always gonna be a good gig.
Its the first big name we’d had up here in cairns since the Obese Block Party and Draphts first visit in 4 years…

Door opened at 9pm with Shamroxx and Dex Mo’ alternating the Hip Hop drop. Our manifesto, to ensure only the freshest of aussie and dopest beats where peddled out pre live show mayhem.
All good.
Beat heads flocked in and the Heritage filled rapidly as the commercial peeps and die hard hip hoppers mashed together. You could feel the place hyping.
9 turns to 10
10 turns to 11
In a seemless transition Definate Article and Wilba get on the mic and the masses swarm to the front of the stage. Its tight. The walls of the Heritage are pulsating as the boys fire into their first track, the crowd goes bananas for real.
Morphix gets on and scratches the place to hell, while Rydakule starts to get live, clocks tickin…
Up steps Vexed and the peek of the local acts raises the roof…
Then the clock hits 12, everything is running smooth and about 6 heads (everyone from selekt, cory, dex mo and jacko) are involved in changing a few cords over and adjusting levels in a seemless handover of the mic. Drapht steps up.

I though I saw people get mad hyped and lose their shit in the lead up, but the place just exploded when the boys kicked in.
Dudes were literally HANGING from the pipes in the roof, standing bunched up on tables, stools, other people etc…..

Somewhere in the mix, a couple of bottles went astray over the bar and a hyper hand reached over the box and ripped about 6 lp’s out of Dex Mo’s case. Records..lost in the sea of madness….

Its safe to say that anyone in town that night came in. It was electric.
Drapht and the boys were pleased. The brother Cory was stoked and the Heritage got a buzz that cant be bought…. good results for all, considering it was a thursday night…….

Its only the start for Hip Hop in Cairns, as word is spreading that the heads up here LOVE that SHIT. We commit to ensuring that the local section reps big and the guest will step into a town thats dying to hear them bust out. I only ask……who’s next?

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