Guru dead! Can it be true?

April 20th, 2010

Guru is Dead!Google it.
By the time you read this and do, it will be revealed as a hoax. Guru is alive and well. A cruel joke….a prank…


Guru is dead. The word is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Hip Hop has lost a true pioneer. Twitter, Facebook and Forums alike are lighting up with RIP’s and best wishes.
DJ Premier’s blog ( gives us the most information. A statement of Guru’s passing as well as a ‘last words’ letter, perhaps penned only hours before his death with the aid of Solar.

Hopefully the details will become more clear as the news leaks through to the mainstream media. Most of us heard of Guru’s Heart Attack in March 2010. Did we know he had the Big C? a condition, often kept on the QT as to let the sufferer hit head on with a small group of family and friends for tight support. Not likely.
It was none of our business…..

A notable part of the letter is the content referring ‘my ex-dj’ (Premier) and Gurus desire for his name to have no affiliation in post humous releases. The personal wishes, thoroughly planned, strengthen the reality that this news is..sadly true.

I can’t bring myself to accept it. Am i foolish? Perhaps. I just dont want to believe it….

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