What the f#*! does hip-hop for grown-ups mean?

February 2nd, 2009

The term hip-hop for grown ups is not about hip-hop music with explicit lyrics – although that might be true for most rap songs. It’s a way to describe the hip-hop music that came out in the early to mid-90s, when I and my generation were teenagers. It’s the music we still dig today, as adults.I first heard the term, it must have been about 2004, when one of the small basement clubs in my hometown started a new monthly hip-hop event. The event was called “Buckshot – hip-hop for grown-ups”. I wanted to check it out, even though I knew it would be just another one of these mainstream hip-hop events, where they would play the same bloody 50 cent song three times, because the mostly teenage crowd requested it.

I decided to take two work mates with me. None of them were really into hip-hop, but they knew who 50 cent was from MTV, so I thought they’d be qualified enough for it.

When we got there the place was reasonably full but not packed. After about half an hour or so, I started to feel bad for my work mates. All of the tracks the two guest DJs played were REALLY undergroundy shit. I considered myself a hip-hop expert but but hadn’t heard most of the songs they played that night before. At some point I was even hoping they’d play some MTV-type hip-hop so my work mates wouldn’t get too bored. But they didn’t. Phat, raw underground shit till 4am. I loved it.

Most of the crowd must have been in it’s late 20s or early 30s. I actually think I was the youngest person in there that night. So, it really was hip-hop for grown-ups.

Nowadays Buckshot has a younger crowd again. Last time I went there, they played Salt’n Pepa’s “Push it”. Push it!!! I mean… fuckin’ hell. What happened?

If you want an idea of what hip-hop for grown-ups sounds like, checkout the free mixtape “what about the beat”, in the download section.

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