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Diggis first heard Hip Hop at the age of 9 and was instantly hooked to the style of music.

He started writing his own lyrics in 2003 and started producing his own beats in 2008. By late 2009 he had finished his first demo.

Diggis? influences can partly be found in other Australian Hip Hop artists, his artistic direction however, is primarily rooted in the 90's New York boom sound.

Raised in Kuranda in Far North Queensland, Diggis found further inspiration in Reggae music and his parents' music collection. His unconditional loyalty to his home town and his origins ingeneral is reflected in most of his work. His love for Reggae music can be heard in some of his songs, where he blurs the borders and skilfully blends elements of Reggae and classic Hip Hop.

Diggis' passion as an MC and lyricist stands out. He has managed to develop a style that is fresh and innovative, while still maintaining a raw and old school sound.

Debut album out now!

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