Photography by MADU Photography


Like so many of us, Develop was first introduced to Hip Hop by his older brother, who later turned his back to the Hip Hop culture but left his younger sibling addicted to the Boom Bap. With acts like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B & Rakim and Gangstarr on the scene at the time, it was a good time to get into Hip Hop music. And once hooked, Develop did whatever it took to get his Rap fix, including staying up til 3am to catch some clips on RAGE, which back in that day was probably best described as the Australian equivalent of MTV's Yo!

Develop's second passion was skateboarding. While the skate scene and the constant flow of new skate videos offered another source of fresh beats, the extreme sport and Develop's nine-to-five job on a banana plantation took their toll on his body. Develop soon dropped the board and swapped it for an MPC. He had evolved from a Hip Hop fan to a maker - a beat maker.

In 2011 Develop joined Basement Grits and contributed a third of the production of their self-titled debut album.

The art of turning dusty samples into soulful boom bap beats has taken over this dreaded Australasians life and with his solo instrumental album "Beats For The Masses", Develop has now officially entered the stage. With a few new collaborations in the pipeline it is only a matter of time till you will get hit by more Develop goodness.

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